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贸易对 象选择得合适与否

  一. Establishing Business Relations

  建立业务关系:实际上 就是确定贸易对象。贸易对 象选择得合适与否,决定着贸易的成败。在一般情况下,双方通 过各自的介绍或第三者的介绍,先摸清 对方的资金信用、经营能 力和业务范围等重要条件,然后再 进行实质性的业务商讨。贸易双 方只有在相互了解、彼此信赖的基础上,才能进行积极地合作,并使双 方贸易活动得以顺利地开展。

  1. We’ve come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in London.

  我们从 中国驻伦敦大使馆的商务参赞处得知你们的名字和地址。

  2. By the courtesy of Mr. Black, we are given to understand the name and address of your firm.

  承蒙布 莱克先生的介绍,我们得 知贵公司的名称和地址。

  3. We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm.

  我们愿 意与贵公司建立业务关系。

  4. Your firm has been introduced (recommended, passed on) to us by Maple Company.

  枫叶公 司向我方介绍了贵公司。

  5. Our mutual understanding and cooperation will certainly result in important business.

  我们之 间的相互了解与合作必将促成今后重要的生意。

  6. We express our desire to establish business relations with your firm.

  我们愿 和贵公司建立业务关系。

  7. We shall be glad to enter into business relations with you.

  我们很 乐意同贵公司建立业务关系。

  8. We now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you with a view to entering into business relations with you.

  现在我 们借此机会致函贵公司,希望和 贵公司建立业务关系。

  9. We are now writing you for the purpose of establishing business relations with you.

  我们特 此致函是想与贵方建立业务关系。

  10. Your desire to establish business relations coincides with ours.

  你方想 同我方建立业务关系的愿望与我方是一致的。

  11. We specialize in the export of Japanese Light Industrial Products and would like to trade with you in this line.

  鉴于我 方专营日本轻工业产品出口业务,我方愿 与贵方在这方面开展贸易。

  12. Our lines are mainly arts and crafts.

  我们经 营的商品主要是工艺品。

  13. We have been in this line of business for more than twenty years.

  我们经 营这类商品已有二十多年的历史了。

  14. Your letter expressing the hope of establishing business connections with us has met with approval.

  来函收悉,得知贵 方愿与我方建立业务关系,我们表示同意。

  15. In order to acquaint you with the textiles we handle, we take pleasure in sending you by air our latest catalogue for your perusal.

  为了使 贵方对我方经营的纺织品有所了解,特航寄我方最新目录,供细阅。

  16. Glad to see you in your company.

  很高兴 在贵公司见到您。

  17. It’s only half an hour’s car ride.


  18. Suppose we make it, say three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

  如果我们能去的话,那么就 明天下午三点钟吧。

  19. It would be very helpful if you could send us statistics on your sales.

  如果你 们能将你们的销售统计资料寄给我们,那可就太有帮助了。

  20. We would like to ask you to kindly send us the related information.

  我们希 望你们能将相关资料寄给我们。


  询盘:在对外贸易中,交易的 一方欲出售或购买某种商品,向另一 方询问买卖该商品的各项交易条件,这种口 头的或书面的表示,在进出 口业务中称之为询盘或询价。


  1)一般询价:这种询 价并不一定涉及到具体的交易,一般属于大致的了解。

  2)具体询价:所谓具 体询价实际上就是请求对方报盘(request for an offer)。也就是说,买方已 准备购买某种商品,或已有现成买主,请卖方 就这一商品报价。

  1. Our buyers asked for your price list or catalogue.

  我们的 买主想索求你方价格单或目录。

  2. Prices quoted should include insurance and freight to Vancouver.

  所报价 格需包括到温哥华的保险和运费。

  3. I would like to have your lowest quotations C.I.F. Vancouver.

  希望您报成本加运费、保险费 到温哥华的最低价格。

  4. Will you please send us your catalogue together with a detailed offer?

  请寄样 品目录和详细报价。

  5. We would appreciate your sending us the latest samples with their best prices

  请把贵 公司的最新样品及最优惠的价格寄给我们,不胜感激。

  6. Your ad in today’s China Daily interests us and we will be glad to receive samples with your prices.

  对你们刊登在今天《中国日报》上的广告,我们很感兴趣。如能寄 来样品并附上价格,不胜欣慰。

  7. Will you please inform us of the prices at which you can supply?

  请告知 我们贵方能供货的价格。

  8. If your prices are reasonable, we may place a large order with you.

  若贵方价格合理,我们可 能向你们大量订货。

  9. If your quality is good and the price is suitable for our market, we would consider signing a long-term contract with you.

  若质量 好且价格适合我方市场的话,我们愿 考虑与你方签署一项长 期合同。

  10. As there is a growing demand for this article, we have to ask you for a special discount.

  鉴于我 方市场对此货的需求日增,务请你 们考虑给予特别折扣。

  11. We would appreciate your letting us know what discount you can grant if we give you a long-term regular order.

  若我方 向你们长期订货,请告知 能给予多少折扣,不甚感激。

  12. Please quote your lowest price CIF Seattle for each of the follow- ing items, including our 5% commission.

  请就下 列每项货物向我方报成本加运费、保险费 到西雅图的最低价 格,其中包 括我们百分之五的佣金。

  13. Please keep us informed of the latest quotation for the following items.

  请告知 我方下列货物的最低价格。

  14. Mr. Smith is making an inquiry for green tea.

  史密斯 先生正在对绿茶进行询价。

  15. Now that we have already made an inquiry on your articles, will you please make an offer before the end of this month?

  既然我 们已经对你们的产品进行了询价,请在月底前报价。

  16. As a rule, we deliver all our orders within 3 months after receipt of the covering letters of credit.

  一般来说,在收到 相关信用证后三个月内我们就全部交货。

  17. Please quote us your price for 100 units of Item 6 in your catalog.

  请给我 们提供你们产品目录册上100组6号产品的报价。

  18. Those items are in the greatest demand in foreign markets.

  那些产 品在国外市场上的需求量很大。

  19. Would you please quote me your prices for the goods?

  你能报 给我这些商品的价格吗?

  20. We have quoted this price based on careful calculations.

  这个报 价是我们在精打细算的基础上得出来的。

  三.Visiting A Factory

  参观工厂:了解对 方客户的商品生产主体――工厂――是对外 贸易中必不可少的一环。工厂的设备、规模和 工人的素质以及决策者的管理能力都决定着以后产品的质量和信誉。作为索取资料、电话传真问询、浏览网 页的必要补充步骤,参观工 厂可以让客户最直接、最客观 地了解生产方公司,对日后 的贸易成功意义重大。

  1. We look forward to our tour of your plant.

  我们盼 着参观你们工厂。

  2. If it is not too much trouble, we would like to talk to some of the technicians.

  如果不是太麻烦的话,我们想 与一些技术员谈一谈。

  3. We learned a lot about your facilities and the process of wine making.

  关于你 们的酿酒设备和酿酒过程,我们了解了不少情况。

  4. We’re interested in learning about your food-making and pack- aging process.

  我们想 向你们学习食品加工和包装过程。

  5. It was very kind of you to give me a tour of the plant.

  谢谢你 陪同我参观工厂。

  6. You will surely know the products better after the visit.

  参观工 厂参观后你对我们的产品肯定会更了解。

  7. Let me give you this list of departments first.

  我先给 你这份各个部门的清单。

  8. Next to each department is its location and the name of the manager.

  在每个 部门的旁边都标有其具体位置和经理的姓名。

  9. Please let us know when you will be free so that we can arrange the tour for you.

  请告诉 我们你们什么时候有空,我们好作安排。

  10. Does the plant work with everything from the raw material to the finished product?

  从原料 到成品都是工厂自己生产吗?

  四.About Products


  商品的 质量是对外贸易中价格的基础,所有的 交易和谈判都是在商品本身质地的基础上进行的。那也是 为什么越来越多的公司希望通过 ISO国际质量体系认证。有了质量保证,买方才会放心,企业也 才会有更大的发展。

  1. We’ve received the sample that you sent us last Sunday.

  我们已 经收到了上星期天你方寄来的样品。

  2. We’ve got here our sales samples Type One and Type Two.

  这里是 我们一号和二号销售样品。

  3. Our quality is based solely on our sales samples.

  我们的 质量完全以货样为准。

  4. We sell goods as per the sales sample, not the quality of any previous supplies.

  我们销 售产品是以货样为标准,而不是 凭过去任何一批货的质量。

  5. You know we sell our tea according to our samples.


  6. You can see the difference between these grades.

  你可以 看看这些等级的差别。

  7. These two grades are very much in demand.


  8. We are in urgent need of these two grades.

  我们急 需这两种等级的货。

  9. The color of the shipment is much darker than that of your previous consignment.

  这批货 的颜色比上批要暗许多。

  10. No doubt you’ve received the rejected samples of the inferior quality goods.

  你们一 定收到了质量低劣的抽样品。

  11. I must advise you of the specifications of the goods.

  我必须 告诉你货物的规格。

  12. Have you received the specifications as shown in our catalog?

  你们收 到了按我方目录所列的产品规格了吗?

  13. The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated.


  14. We found the goods didn’t agree with the original patterns.

  我们发 现货物与原来的式样不符。

  15. The Double Fish brand is not so bad. The design is fresh and vivid.


  16. The new varieties have very vivid designs and beautiful colors. 新产品图案新颖、色泽鲜艳。

  17. The difference in quality is no more than usual and indeed unavoidable in this line of goods.

  对于这种商品而言,品质上 有差别是很常见的,而且的确难以避免。

  18. They were carefully examined and picked only this morning.


  19. This kind of high-powered battery is produced with the latest technology.

  这种高 能量电池采用的是最新生产技术。

  20. Stainless products are always popular because they’re rustproof.

  不锈钢 制品因为能防锈,所以很受欢迎。

  五. Counteroffer

  还盘:还盘也叫还价。接盘人 在收到一项报盘后,往往会 对其中的某些内容不能完全同意,于是会 提出不同的要求。这种口 头或书面的要求一经提出,原来的报盘即刻失效,于是交 易在还盘的基础上重新开始。

  还盘的 内容不单是指价格。对支付条件、装运期 等主要条件提出不同的建议,也都属于还盘性质。一笔交易的成立,有时要 经历多次还盘和反还盘的过程。

  1. Our counteroffer is as follows.


  2. Our counteroffer is well founded.

  我们的 还价是很合理的。

  3. Your counteroffer is not up to the present market level.

  你的还 价是不符合目前市场价格。

  4. Please make us your best possible counteroffer.

  请给我 们你们最好的还盘。

  5. The price you offer is not in line with the prevailing market.

  你方报 价与现行市场价不合,杭州翻译

  6. It’s impossible for us to entertain your counteroffer.

  我们不 能接受你方的还价。

  7. I’m sorry. The difference between our price and your counteroffer is too wide.

  很遗憾,我们的 价格与你方还盘之间的差距太大。

  8. This is our rock - bottom price, we can’t make any further reduction.


  9. How about meeting each other halfway?


  10. If you accept our counteroffer, we’ll advise our users to buy from you.

  如您能 接受我们的还盘,我们就 劝用户向你方购买。

  11. As a rule, the larger the order, the lower the price.


  12. I appreciate your counteroffer but find it too low to accept.

  谢谢你的还价,我觉得 太低了无法接受。

  13. We ask for indulgence for 6 days to make a counteroffer.

  我们要 求宽限六天以便做出还价。

  14. We regret to note that you have turned down our counteroffer.

  我们很遗憾,知道你 方已拒绝了我方的还价。

  六.Business Representation

  代理: 代理是 国际贸易中采用的贸易方式之一。所谓代 理就是由进出口公司给予代理商,在特定 地区和一定期限内,享有代 销指定商品的权利。双方属 于一种委托和被委托的代销关系,而不是买卖关系。代理商 应积极推销代理商品,并享有 收取佣金的权利。由于对 代理权限的委托不一,代理可分为独家代理、一般代理和总代理。

  独家代 理指委托人在一定时期,特定地 区给予代理人推销指定商品的专营权,委托人 向代理人支付佣金,负担经营风险,一般不 再向该地区其他商人销售该种商品。即使直接销售,也要按 协议规定给独家代理应得的佣金,这种佣金叫做隐佣(Sleeping Commission)。独家代 理则代表委托人与买主洽谈交易,并以委 托人的名义或由委托人自己同买主签订合同。

  一般代 理是指不享有对某种商品的专营权,但其他权利、义务和独家代理一样。在同一地区,同一时期内,委托人 可以选定一家或几家客户作为一般代理商,并根据 销售商品的金额支付佣金。委托人 可以直接与其他买主成交,无须另给代理商佣金。

  总代理 是指代理商在指定地区内不仅有权独家代销指定商品,而且还 有权代表委托人办理一些其他非商品性的事务。

  1. I would like to discuss with you the problem of agency for your electric fans.

  我想同 贵方商谈你们电风扇的代理问题。

  2. I wonder whether your firm is represented in our country.

  我不知 道贵公司在我国是否有代理。

  3. We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agents for the sales of your products in our country.

  如果贵 方能考虑我们的申请使我们成为贵公司产品在我国市场的销 售代理的话,我们会很高兴的。

  4. We are pleased to offer you a sole agency for the sale of our products in your country.

  我们很 乐意指定你们成为我方产品在贵国的独家代理。

  5. We are pleased that you are prepared to appoint us as your sole agent for your products.

  对贵方 有意指定我们成为贵方产品的独家代理,我们感到很高兴。

  6. We’re favorably impressed by your proposal for a sole distributor.

  对贵方 建议由我方担任独家经销商一事,我们颇感兴趣。

  7. Thank you for offering us the agency for your products and appreciate the confidence you have placed in us.

  谢谢贵 方提出让我们代理你们的产品,我们很 感激你们对我们所表示的信心。

  8. If you give us the agency, we should spare no efforts to further your interests.

  如果贵 方给予我们代理权,我们将 不遗余力为贵方争取利益。

  9. As your agents, we’ll make greater efforts to push the sale of your products.

  作为你们的代理,我们将 会更加努力地推销你方产品。

  10. We appreciate your efforts in pushing the sale of our electric fans.

  我们感 激贵方在推销我方电扇产品方面所做的努力。

  11. I’m afraid we can’t agree to appoint you as our sole agent because the annual turnover you promised is too low.

  恐怕我 们不能同意指定你方作为我们的独家代理,因为你方所承诺 的年销售量太少了。

  12. We will increase our turnover if you appoint us as your sole agent.

  如果你 方指定我们作为独家代理,我们将 增加我们的销售量。

  13. We’d like to sign a sole agency agreement with you on your electric fans for a period of three years.

  我们想 同你方签订一项为期三年专营电扇的独家代理协议。

  14. As our sole distributor, you are not expected to handle the sale of similar products of other origins.

  你方作 为我们的独家经营商是不允许经营销售其他类似产品的。

  15. I think you know already that I want to discuss the representation for your alarm clocks.

  想必你已知道,我想和 你方商谈闹钟的代理事宜。

  16. We usually get a 10% commission of the amount on every deal.

  通常我 们取得的佣金是每笔成交额的10%。

  17. According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could fulfill?

  据你估计,你能完 成最大年销售量是多少?

  1. Excuse me. Are you Susan Davis from Western Electronics?对不起,你是来 自西方电子公司的苏姗?戴卫吗?

  2. Yes, I am. And you must be Mr. Takeshita. 是的,我就是,你一定是竹下先生吧。

  3. Pardon me. Are you Ralph Meyers from National Fixtures?

  对不起,请问你 是从国家装置公司来的雷夫?梅耶史先生吗?

  4. I"m Dennis. I am here to meet you today. 我是丹尼斯,今天我到这里来接你。

  5. I"m Donald. We met the last time you visited Taiwan. 我是唐纳德,上次你 来台湾时我们见过面。

  6. I"m Edwin. I"ll show you to your hotel. 我是爱德温,我带你去旅馆。

  7. How was your flight? Was it comfortable? 你坐的班机怎么样?还舒服吗?

  8. It was quite good. But it was awfully long. 班机很好,就是时间太长了。

  9.Did you have a good flight? 你旅途愉快吗?

  10. Not really, I"m afraid. We were delayed taking off, and we encountered a lot of bad weather.


  11.How was your flight? 你的航班怎样?

  12.Did you get any sleep on the plane? 你在飞机上睡觉了吗?

  13. Mr. Wagner, do you have a hotel reservation? 华格纳先生,你预订过旅馆吗?

  14.No, I don’t. Will it be a problem? 不,我没有,会有困难吗?

  15.I don’t think so. I know several convenient hotels. Let me make some calls.

  我认为没有,我知道 有几家便利旅馆,让我打几个电话。

  16.I’ve made a reservation at the hotel you used last time. 我已预 订了你上次住过的旅馆。

  17.We’ve booked a Western-style room for you. 我们已 为你订了一间西式的房间。

  18.Let’s go to the station to get a train into town. 我们到 火车站去乘车进城。

  19.Does it take long to get into Taibei from here? 从此地 去台北要很久吗?

  20.It’s about an hour. 大概要一个小时。

  21.We’ll get a taxi from the station. 我们到 火车站乘出租车。

  22.There’s a shuttle bus we can use. 我们可搭乘机场班车。

  23.I’ve brought my car, so I can drive you to your hotel. 我开车来的,所以我 开车送你到旅馆。

  24. You must be hungry. Shall we get something to eat? 你一定饿了,我们吃点东西好吗?

  25. That sounds good. Let’s get something at the hotel restaurant. I feel a little tired.

  那太棒了,我们就 到旅馆餐厅吃点东西,我有点累了。

  26.Would you like to have some dinner? 你想吃饭吗?

  27.What would you like to eat? 你想吃什么呢?

  28. Can I take you out to dinner? It"ll be my treat. 我带你出去吃饭好吗?这次我请客。

  29.If you’re hungry, we can eat dinner now. 如果你饿了,我们现在就去吃饭。

  30.Have you had breakfast yet? 你吃过早餐了吗?

  31. Yes. It was delicious. 是的,味道很好。

  32. Good. Let’s go to the office. 好的,我们去办公室吧。

  33.How is your room? 你的房间怎样?

  34.Did you sleep well last night? 你昨晚睡得好吗?

  35.Why don’t we go to the office now? 为何我 们现在不去办公室呢?

  36.We’ll start with an orientation video. It runs about 15 minutes. 我们将 从一个电视简报开始,大概放15分钟。

  37. The tour will take about an hour and a half. We ought to be back here by 3:00.

  参观大 概要一个半小时,3点钟以前回到这里。

  38. Our new product line has been very successful. We’ve expanded the factory twice this year already.

  我们新 的生产线非常成功,我们今 年已把工厂扩展了两倍。

  39. I’d like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know?

  我将向 你介绍我们的公司,你有什 么特别想知道的吗?

  40. We have some reports to show you for background information. 我们还 有一些报告向你介绍背景资料。

  41.Is your factory any different from other plastics factories? 你们工 厂和其他塑胶工厂有何差别呢?

  42. Yes, our production speed is almost twice the industry-wide average.

  是的,我们的 生产速度是其他工厂两倍。

  43. I’d like to explain what makes this factory special. 我要向 你说明本工厂的特性。

  44. This is the most fully-automated factory we have. 这是我 们的全自动化工厂。

  45.It’s the most up-to-date in the industry. 这是同业中最新型的。

  46.We’ve increased our efficiency by 20% through automation. 通过自 动化我们的效率增加了20%.

  47.Could you tell me the cost of production per unit? 请你告 诉我每件成品的生产成本好吗?

  48.I’m afraid I don’t know. Let me ask the supervisor in this section.

  恐怕我不知道,让我来 询问一下该组的负责人。

  49.I’m not really sure about that. Mr. Jiang should know the answer to that.


  50. Let me direct that question to the manager. 让我直接问经理好了。




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