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  Mention at least three reasons people get angry. What can we do to control our anger? (Unit1)

  People get angry for a variety of reasons ,People tend to get angry when treated unfairly. Specifically, when we realize we were betrayed by a close friend or tricked by a clerk into buying something unnecessary at a high price. Of course ,when people treat us with contempt(轻视), or deliberately ignore us, we may get annoyed too. To overcome our anger ,we have two options: to fight or to run. In the case of a small offense, it’s better to walk away and calm down. It is not necessary to explode .However ,when confronted(使面临) with a gross (总的)injustice or a serious crime ,we need to stand up for ourselves and speak our mind. After venting(消除) our anger ,we may feel better .If we keep negative feelings to ourselves ,we will probably feel miserable for a long time and regret not taking action.


  Why do people get depressed? Is there any connection between depression and bad luck? Can depression be overcome? (Unit1)

  People feel blue for a variety of reasons. They feel depressed after failing an exam or losing a job. They feel grief when someone dear to them, for example a close family member, passes away, or Suffering from a serious disease with little hope of a complete recovery, one may feel dejected.(沮丧的)

  There seems to be a relationship between depression and bad luck. If your spirits are down and you show it, people might refrain(避免) from talking to you. Many good opportunities may slip away as a result. And you might be left wondering why your luck doesn’t change.

  To cheer yourself up, you can study or work. Your mood might improve if you keep yourself busy and try to achieve goals. And if staying busy doesn’t help, you can just wait for the sadness to go away. It is said that time heals all wounds. Finally, you might find solace安慰 in realizing. Your situation is not the worst. You can also choose to look at the bright side of things because every cloud has a silver lining.(内层)


  In what ways can people improve their appearance? (Unit2)

  Some people just want to improve their looks in small ways. They may go on a diet to maintain a good figure, they make up to improve their appearance, put a facial mask or skin smoother on their faces during the night, have their teeth straightened, or have their nails polished. Some others have a face-lift to change their nose or chin, make their single-fold eyelids double folded, and have their skin tightened to smooth out wrinkles and crow’s feet. Some even inject botox to remove wrinkles. More drastically, some people may have liposuction to remove fat.

  But, in my opinion the best way to improve appearance is trying to learn to be more elegant and to be more Knowledgeable.


  Why do some people want to improve their appearance? (Unit2)

  A love of beauty is part of human nature. People like to see beautiful scenery, flowers, and animals. It is not strange that they also want to look at good-looking humans and improve the way they look themselves. With improved features, one may find a better job, attract a more desirable spouse, and gain faster promotion.

  Some occupations attach great importance to appearance. Most actors, anchorpersons, and fashion models can be recognized by their looks.

  It is sometimes argued that by looking good, one tends to feel self-confident. With confidence, success is more likely to follow in any undertaking.


  Briefly describe some natural. Search the Internet for information before coming to class. (Unit3)

  There are many kinds of natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, drought, forest fire, tsunami, snowstorm, blizzard, hailstorm, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, landslide, and volcanic eruption.

  An earthquake is a sudden change or movement in the Earth’s crust, causing a moving and shaking of the ground. A flood can be caused by excessive rainfall or quick melting of snow. When the water overflows a river’s banks, the nearby low-lying land is flooded. When there is no rain for a long period of time, there is a drought: crops fail and people may die of thirst. A forest fire may be caused by lightning or human negligence for example, a burning cigarette butt-or arson. It may destroy large forests. A tsunami is a giant wave that rolls onto the shore. It can be caused by an undersea earthquake, volcanic eruption or landslide. A snowstorm becomes a blizzard when the wind blows hand and visibility decreases.


  What damage could an earthquake cause and what can human beings do to deal with it? (Unit3)

  An earthquake damages poorly-built structures. A powerful earthquake can destroy even well-constructed buildings. When the buildings fall down, human lives and property are ruined. Aftershocks may cause additional casualties. A heavy death toll, if not dealt with promptly, may be followed by an epidemic.

  It is difficult to predict earthquake, so we can only take preventive measures. For example, in an area prone to earthquake, we should construct strong, quake-proof buildings. We should also prepare emergency kits that include a torch, first-aid medicines and bandages. We should move out of dangerous quake zones. When an earthquake strikes while we are in a building, we should move outside. If there is no time to leave , we can hide under a strong table or bad to avoid being hurt by failing objects. Don’t forget to turn off the electricity and gas to avoid accidents.


  In an Enterprise or institution, is it necessary to describe each employee’s duties clearly? Give your reasons.(Unit4)

  Generally speaking, it is necessary. Employees’ job should be clearly defined. With detailed job description, a worker will have a definite aim and high motivation to work toward that aim. They know how they will be rewarded and punished. Accurate job descriptions can do much to prevent unnecessary duplication and conflict among workers. If everyone in a company works as an organized team, the company is likely to grow and prosper.

  However, some potential problems are worth noting. If a job description is too detailed, some staff members will turn a blind eye to anything that falls outside their scope of responsibilities even if it is important to the company as a whole. Nor should job descriptions stand in the way of cooperation among employees. If those problems can be overcome, job descriptions will play a significant role in the company’s progress.


  When a boss employs or promotes people, what may be the chief consideration: their education or their practical ability?(Unit4)

  In fact, most bosses will consider both, though they may probably attach more importance to the candidate’s ability. After all, a company’s profits come directly from abilities of the entire staff. Many of the qualities of a good worker such as diligence,, teamwork, loyalty to the company, and courtesy to customers are gained through on-the-job training rather than from book knowledge.

  However,杭州翻译公司, one’s educational background is not unimportant. If one can enroll in a distinguished university and attain a high GPA, it is likely that one already possesses good qualities like industriousness, intelligence, organizational ability, and a strong will---qualities that are equally useful in the workplace. But it’s also possible that some students from academic ivory tower are merely bookworms without much capacity for practical work. A boss is unlikely to promote such an employee.


  What kinds of employees are likely to be fired? (Unit5)

  If employees do not observe company or department rules, they are likely to be fired. Any boss will be angry if employees are late for work or use the company phone to talk with friends. A boss dislikes people who don’t work hard, gossip a lot or read the newspaper over a cup of tea for hours. Even if one works hard, the boss may not be satisfied if one doesn’t work with high efficiency. After all, company profits come from employee achievements. Even though you’ve made significant personal contributions to the company, if you don’t get along well with your colleagues, you may impede the company’s productivity. After all, most jobs require teamwork nowadays. Usually the boss places a high value on employee loyalty. Disloyal employees may sell the company’s secrets and ruin it overnight. When the company is in financial difficulty and downsizing, the first to be dismissed will be those who have some of the above-mentioned problems.


  After finishing undergraduate studies, would you like to find a job or pursue a postgraduate degree? Why? (Unit5)

  Some students prefer to look for a favorable job, through which they can gain useful experience that they can’t get from books. When they move on to a higher level job one day, then , they will already have experience in that field. At work, they can give full play to their practical abilities, and may be promoted to department manager by the time their classmates complete their Master’s degree programs.

  On the other hand, some students are not eager to take up a job and prefer to continue to study towards a Master’s degree or even a PhD. And we all know, knowledge is power. Although not everything you learn will be directly applicable at work, knowledge does improve your character overall. In the long run, those who acquire more knowledge will benefit from it.


  Describe some superstitions in English-speaking countries. (Unit6)

  English-speaking nations have a number of superstitions. For example, many people believe 13 to be an unlucky number, and don’t want to live on the 13th floor on in Room 13. They say “knock on wood” or “ touch wood” to avoid bad luck. To wish somebody good luck, they may say “I’ll cross my fingers for you.” Superstitious people avoid walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella in doors. When they see a black cat run across their path, they think it’s a bad omen. Some people may hang a horseshoe over their door to ward off bad luck. If they happen to drop a mirror, they worry that they will have seven year’s bad luck. To ensure good luck, they may carry a charm of some kind, such as a lucky rabbit’s foot!


  What is the relationship between one’s attitude to life and one’s fate? Does the former determine the latter or is it the other way round? (Unit6)

  Since the world is complex and mysterious, it is not easy to arrive at a definite conclusion. Some scholars, including a British psychologist, suggest that there exists a correlation between one’s attitude to life and one’s fate. But more research is needed before we can be sure of such a correlation. Moreover, the cause-and-effect relationship has not been clearly identified, and we are uncertain which causes which. In real life we can find counter examples: some optimistic people aren’t very lucky, while some pessimistic people are quite lucky. Perhaps we should try to find out which case is more frequent: optimistic people with good luck or optimistic people with bad luck. Judging from my personal observations, the former is more common. I can even supply the reason: optimistic people have more self-confidence, which facilitates their success in life. A survey involving many people is required to discover what most people think about this issue.


  Name at least ten recreational activities, including those requiring a lot of physical exertion and those that are more relaxing. (Unit7)

  Some forms of recreation require a high level of physical activity. Here are some examples: football, basketball, badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Some people like climbing mountains, goings body surfing, or going rafting. After those strenuous outings, they feel mentally relaxed.

  On the other hand, some people prefer more sedentary activities. Instead of playing a ball game, they watch it. They go to a cinema, a theater, an opera house or a concert hall, or they simply sit at home watching TV. Some play various kinds of games on the computer, and others play chess or cards. Even when they want to stay outdoors, they may choose peaceful pastimes like fishing.


  What do you think about the computer and the Internet as sources of entertainment? (Unit7)

  With the advent of the computer and the Internet, we can play all kinds of games in the virtual world; we can play chess and cards with people we have never met, even a chess master. We can travel to all parts of the world on the Net. We can send and Moreover, we can make use of the Net as a way of learning.

  But we should be careful not to get too much of a good thing. If we sit in front of a computer all day long, there will be many negative effects. Our eyes may get cause disease. Too much sedentary work is bad for our health. We may because physically week and develop a weight problem. Worse still, if we get addicted to the computer, we may neglect human relationships and communication between one another. In the end we would rather talk to a computer than to a human.


  Should genetically modified(GM) foods be sold? Give your reasons. (Unit8)

  Some people do not like GM crops and food for various reasons. If transgenic crops are planted in a field, they may overrun it and eliminate other crops, for they are especially powerful. Some genetically altered plants and animals can be abnormally large, and people can not be sure that they will not be harmed from eating such foods. Moreover, we do not know whether abnormal genes will be passed on to the next generation. No wonder some people demand that GM food be labeled.

  But on the whole people are increasingly accepting GM food. Since we have not solved the problem of hunger in the world, GM food should be introduced to us. As the world population continues to expand, perhaps we have to depend more on GM crops in the future. So far, people eating GM food look just as healthy as those who do not, but scientists should monitor any possible dangers to health.


  Is it possible that humans be cloned in the future? Give your reasons. (Unit8)

  Many people are against human cloning, and some countries have passed laws to ban it. It is often said that mankind should not interfere with nature, for we do not know what may happen if nature strikes back. Also, human cloning may bring many religious, social and ethical problems, and the present religious and social systems may collapse. Anyway, humanity has not yet mastered the technology to create a human.

  However, history shows that mankind is always curious to explore what is unknown and eager to accomplish what seems to be impossible. With further technological development, scientists will be able to create human clones, who are likely to be stronger, cleverer and better-looking than people today. Even if there are social and moral problems with human cloning, perhaps politicians and sociologists can figure out ways to resolve them. At least, the cloning of human cells and organs has great potentials in the medical field.


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